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Protests scattered over East Coast after Freddie Gray’s death

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On April 12, 25-year-old Freddie Gray was arrested. A week later on April 19, he died a death that would cause riots and protests over the country.

Gray was arrested for owning a “switchblade knife”. When arrested, Gray was put in the police wagon without a seat belt. He asked for an inhaler to help him breathe, but it was not given to him. The police stopped four times to check on him. Not once did they give him medical attention. On the second stop, they took Gray out of the car, and they put him back in on the floor, face down on his stomach. During one of the stops, Gray told the police he couldn’t breathe, yet he received no medical attention. On the fourth stop, Gray was unresponsive.
When Gray arrived at the police station, he was not breathing and had gone under severe cardiac arrest. On April 19, he died from severe spinal cord injuries. Police say Gray caused the injuries himself, but when this was taken to court, the scene was ruled as a homicide.
After Freddie Gray’s death, Baltimore began protesting, and this started an up rise. Millions March says “People of Baltimore have taken to the streets day after day for justice for Freddie Gray and for Black lives across the country but now that the National Guard has been called in and a curfew set, we must stand in solidarity with the people of Baltimore,” Soon, riots began in Baltimore. When speaking of these riots, many tweeters use the hashtag #BaltimoreUprising. “…But protesters have taken over Baltimore streets nightly for the past week or so. The majority of the rallies were peaceful, but rioting and looting on Monday pushed the mayor to implement a week long curfew and for the Maryland governor to declare a state of emergency.” Says

New York City and Washington D.C. have many protesters in support of Freddie Gray. Eugene Puryear, a local activist from D.C. says, “We wanted to come out and show our solidarity with folks who are protesting for Freddie Gray in Baltimore and continue to bring national attention to this, and not allow for this, like any incident, to be treated as isolated to one city.” Also, an article from stated, “In Washington, DC, the National Black United Front scheduled its own rally in support of Gray and ‘all those that have been killed by at the hands of police terrorism’.”

In New York City, over 60 people have been arrested from the protests. According to CNN News, “Police are charging protesters with disorderly conduct.” The same article from says that, “…hundreds of people gathered in New York’s Union Square to rally against Gray’s death and in support of those in Baltimore.” Millions March is also trying to gather allies for the protests, asking those who support “social, economic, and racial justice” to go to Union Square to “stand in solidarity with them and with their resistance because their resistance is for justice and their justice is our justice.”

Protesters have signs saying, “Justice for Freddie Gray” and “End Police Terror! Racism is the disease, Revolution is the cure!” They chant “Hands up, Don’t shoot” and “Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, shut the whole system down” during the protests in NYC.

These protests aren’t just in one place, though. Through twitter, the protests in New York City have gone viral. Many twitter users use hashtags such as #MikeBrown, #BaltimoreUprising, #NYC, #FreddieGray, #BlackLivesMatter, DCFerguson and #ShutItDown.

On Freddie Gray’s death, it is obvious people are ready for a change. But on the reactions? For some people, the rioters in Baltimore are not protesters or activists, but criminals who should be arrested. On the other hand, others think the riots are a form of protesting and aren’t bad…

What do you think?




Sleepless beauty

“I’m so tired.”

Okay, how many of you (or your friends), say that phrase almost every day? Probably a lot of you. Or your friends.

A lot of my besties will come up to me and say, “I’m so tired.” Either that, or they’ll have black circles under their eyes, indicating they didn’t sleep.

So anyway, I’ll ask them, “When did you go to bed last night?”/

And you know what they tell me? They tell me they usually go to bed anywhere from 11:00 pm-3:00 am. Insane, right? To them, not really.

Point I’m trying to get across: It might be smart to go to bed at an earlier hour.

Don’t believe me? Here are some scientific facts to back me up:

  • When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you can’t concentrate as well. That won’t help when the end of the quarter/semester comes up.
  • You can become really unhealthy when you don’t get to sleep at night. Heart failure, diabetes, and plenty other diseases and problems can be cause in the long run when you don’t get enough sleep.

See? Lot’s of horrible things can happen if you don’t get enough sleep. If you really have to go to bed late, try turning your electronics off about an hour before you go to bed at night. Then, you won’t be snoozing in history (or whatever class you snooze in.


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Weird is the new normal

What is the meaning of normal? That is what I think when someone says I’m weird, or not normal. Because when you think about it, no one is ever really normal. You always have something about you that is great, unique, and different-therefor making you not normal.

When you become a teenager, it seems to be all about the looks. You hair, you clothes-all of that seems to become most important. I remember before I became a teen (I still am not one), I felt like looks and my popularity status were all that mattered. I thought being popular was great until I realized how upset, alone and insecure I was feeling.

When you change who you are to be popular, you can never truly be happy. As Maya Angelou says, you will never know how amazing you are when you are always trying to be normal.

I find that, when you are being yourself, it is much easier to live you life being happy and healthy.

Homeless in Utah

Salt Lake City is teeming with life, but many of the people are struggling. According to Ethan Sellers at Volunteers of America, homeless rates in Utah have climbed beyond 15,000 people. 44% of the homeless population is families. Volunteers of America has created a library outreach group to help the homeless and low-income people who are at risk of becoming homeless. Why libraries? Libraries are often a place of refuge for the homeless, both in the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

fillThe library outreach group works at six libraries in Salt Lake and will add two more libraries that are now under construction. The Volunteers of America library outreach group helps people get food, clothes, medical attention, mental health care, and even help finding housing. They talk with people and help them understand every option available to help.

After determining the best choice, the Volunteers of America group helps the people in whatever way they can. Amanda, one of the library outreach workers, says, “We’re providing access to opportunity, education and reward.”

The Road Home, which is a homeless shelter in downtown Salt Lake, reported to Volunteers of America that 80% of the homeless who come in only stay for a 6-8 week period. The other 20% usually have bigger problems that need assistance.

Ethan Sellers, the leader of the Volunteers of America group said, “Unfortunately there are a lot of stereotypes about homeless people, but most of them are not true. People feel that most of them choose to be homeless or don’t want a job. The truth that I see every day is that almost everyone wants to get out of living on the streets. The problem is that they can’t find jobs that will hire them because of homeless discrimination, or they can’t get jobs that pay enough to get a place to live, like minimum wage jobs.”

Volunteers of America along with Utah’s state officials, is helping to get people off the streets and into homes. Says Sellers, “We all really enjoy the work and it’s very fulfilling to help others who don’t have what most Americans have and take for granted. Things like a house or a warm meal every night. I feel that it’s our duty as Americans to help our fellow people that need a hand.”

On Halloween, since I had the day off from school, my parents took me to the Youth Homeless Outreach Center, where I was able to donate the winter clothing (two bags full!) and blankets. The people working there were in costume, but I took a picture with them.


Learn more about Volunteers of America at

Rules for the site


1. Absolutly no bullying or saying mean/rude things to others. This site is where you can connect with othere girls, not hurt them(or yourself). If you have ever been bullied, you know how it feels.

2. Please don’t say or post any innapropriate things. It puts a sad note on everything, and some users may or will not be allowed to hear/see it.

3. Easiest rule-have fun! I created this site so all girls(including me) could enjoy themsleves in a safe and comfortable enviroment.

4. Support and have fun with the other users. Give your own piece of advice if needed and love and enjoy the sisterhood bond. (:



Love you for who you are!


Everyone is good just they way you are. Whether you like to play baseball, dance, sing or paint amazing portraits, you are the best you!

But some girls don’t think that. Because of TV ads, stores, peer pressure, and many other things, most girls think they are not as good as the world thinks they should be.

If you think this way, pretty please listen!! All of us girls are perfect just the way you are. Don’t go changing your looks or your personality for your friends or some guy. If you be yourself, your going to be liked by your friends, and more importantly your going to love yourself.

Here are some ways to show off your true self:

  •  Wear the kinds of cloths you want to wear, and enjoy it. If you want to wear shorts and t-shirts even though your friends wear dresses and skinny jeans, then have at it!
  • Do what you want to do at recess/after school. Your friends may want to take ballet, but you want to take basketball. So what do you choose? If you really want to play basketball(or any other sport/extra) than do that.
  • Agree on a subject to talk about. If you don’t want to talk about how annoying your friend’s neighbors are or how boring math is, politely change the subject and see if your friends like it. Your voice matters too!

Now, go have fun being the best “you” you can be!

FRENZY FUN!!!!!!!!


Here are  some jokes to make you laugh!!!

Q.What did the jelly say to the peanut butter?        A. Tis the season to be jelly!

Q.Where did mistletoe  go to become famous?     A. “Holly” wood!

Q. Why did the girl wear one boot to school?        A. She heard there was 50% chance of snow!

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Murderer in Maryland

News Update!!

If you live in Maryland, you may know about this!

2 people were murdered in a Baltimore mall on January 26th.  The man who murdered them then killed himself.

Shoppers were evacuated from the mall. There were no more shooters and everybody else was safe.


View Point- Should gun laws change?

 What do you think? Should gun laws change? If you believe that gun laws should change, speak out! Speak out here, in your school, in your church, in your town!! Together, we can stop this death cycle in America!!

By: BBC News