About Girls Rock

Alright, so this newspaper/magazine is all about fun and learning. There are cool games to try, stories to read and things to do. There is also a special part for girls were they can chat, ask questions that they don’t need boys seeing, or just having fun.

One thing I want everyone(including adults) to know is that there will be an advise column, were you can write in questions. I will try to answer them all, and I will try to give the best advice I can possibly give.

Things that will be on the website are:

  • Holiday Talk-what you can do to have an awesome holiday!
  • Girl Talk-girls can write in questions they don’t want boys to see, play games, and you can just chat. You can even leave me a message, I love meeting people!
  • Cartoons/comics/ jokes-things to make you laugh, especially when you are down.
  • Recipes-yummy things to make and try!
  • Pictures
  • Around the world news
  • Regular town news
  • Fun facts
  • The advise column

This is the base of the website and I hope you enjoy it! Spread the word of this if you like it!

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